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RV Living Room

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I know nothing about “design,” but I know I love using whites, grays and a couple pops of color. It works for me! Of course, "buffalo plaid" is just another neutral for me; from the curtains to the pillows to the walls, you can find a little bit of buffalo throughout the camper.


Furniture: Large Sofa | Smaller Sofa | Ottoman-Sleeper Bed | White Plant Stand (handmade by my Dad) | Side Table/Blanket Box (Similar) | Guest Bed Storage (underneath smaller sofa)

Textiles: Windows - Black Redi Shades - Buffalo Curtains - White Curtains - Black Curtain Rod - Black Curtain Rings | Floor Rug | Pillows - Buffalo Plaid (Similar)

Decor: White Letterboard | Black Letterboard | Polka Dot Table Lamp | Hanging Rainbow | Hanging Lights | "Love in a House" Print | Plants - White Plant Pot - Standing Plant - Small Faux Plants - Hanging Plant | Wallpaper - Shiplap Wallpaper - Buffalo Wallpaper

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