RV: Year 1 Before & After

Sometimes I feel like I wish we would have purchased an older camper, so our renovation would have been much more drastic...but, when I look at before-and-after pictures like these, I’m reminded that a little paint, furniture and decor goes a long way. Adding personal touches to our space really makes it feel like home.

Instagram Presets

Texas, USA

For over a year, my sister and I tweaked, morphed and finally got the @SimpleCatLady vibe right where we like it. These presets make corals and teals pop; whites bright; while giving the rest of the photo a warm glow. You can see these presets in action on my feed, @SimpleCatLady. COLLECTION INCLUDES
  • 12 Lightroom Presets (2 Originals + 10 Variations)
  • iPhone Setup Guide 
  • Digital Delivery

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